Credit Insurance

Our Credit Insurance Division offers tailor made products to corporate clients who offer their goods and services on credit to the public.

Our clientele base is drawn from financial institutions, credit stores, micro finance institutions and utility.

We also provide tailor made staff loan protection schemes.

Our credit insurance products are more of a partnership with our policyholders than the usual insurance contract.

Credit Insurance offers the following benefits:

  • The contract is signed by both parties
  • We have a unique profit share scheme as part of the contract
  • The policy holder retains the commission
  • Cover applies to any goods sold on credit and anywhere in Zimbabwe.
  • All the Policyholder's personnel will be trained on how the scheme operates and claims preparation
  • No insurance premium paid for the scheme to be effected

We have an excellent claims turnaround time and you can now download our claim forms and other documents below for ease of access.