Personal Insurance

Heritage Insurance Company offers the following policies under Personal Insurance: Houseowners, Householders, All Risks, Personal Accident, Golfers and Motor .


Covers accidental damage or destruction to your house against mishaps such as fire, flood, lightning, storm and theft.



Covers loss or damage or destruction to your household contents caused by fire, lightning, storm, flood, and attempted theft.


All Risks

Covers personal belongings that you carry around with you such as cell phones, clothing, spectacles and jewellery against fire, theft and accidental damage. This cover is worldwide.


Personal Accident

Covers you against bodily harm arising from violent, accidental, external and visible means resulting in Disability or Death as well as Medical Expenses.



Covers your liability in the event of you scoring a recognised Hole-In-One in a golf game. Further, it provides All Risks cover for golfing equipment and golfers personal effects as well as your liability as a golfer to the public.


Comprehensive: Loss of or damage to the vehicle and liability for the death or injury to Third Parties and damage to their property.

Full Third Party only: Third party liability for death or injury, and/or damage to third party property only.

Full Third Party Fire and Theft: Fire and theft cover only to own vehicle and Third Party liability.